Morning walk in Savannah

In the days of sailing ships and cotton River Street in Savannah, Georgia was an area of warehouses and shipping facilities. Now the old buildings serve as bars, restaurants, and shops and are the destination of tourists from far and wide. The street runs north-west to south-east along the south bank of the Savannah river. The facades are thus in the shade most of the day. The idea was to photograph the street as the morning sun brushes over the street. Of course, it was cloudy.

LJK_2125-31-ICE (1000x232)

My friend Tom and I had the place to ourselves. Click on the image above for a large “” view. LJK_2144-1280



Sunrise was pretty. Even admired by a sea gull. The pigeon sought after other things.

Traffic on the river never rests. Large cargo ships come by going to or coming from the port up-river from Savannah.

Click on any of the pictures to see a small collection of photos from this morning walk.