Savannah – River Front


Two views of the Savannah river front as seen from across the river.

Both pictures here, when clicked, open panorama views using “”.

Use the mouse wheel or the controls in the lower right to zoom in or out. Then drag the image to see other portions.

Both panoramas were made using Microsoft Image Composite Editor.

The panorama, linked to the photo on the right, consists of 17 individual exposures. The lens was set to 68mm (102mm 35mm-equiv.). The resulting pictures is 25,957 x 2,286 pixels, the file size is 23 MB.

The panorama linked to the photo below, consists of 18 exposures with the lens at 102mm ( 153mm 35mm-equiv.). Image size is 19,852 x 3,638 pixels and file size of 26 MB. The large images reside on SkyDrive.