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Welcome to Gallery Ludwig!

Real brick-and-mortar galleries have many rooms, even wings, to display the works of their artists. Online galleries can go them one better with hyperlinks that can take the visitor not only to local pages but far off sites. This gallery provides a number of pages and sites with photos by Ludwig as well as other artists.

The menu bar above with its sub-menus allows you to roam about the various topic areas. Below on the bottom of this page there are additional links for you to explore.

Just to make it exiting this page provides thumbnails and larger images – all take you to places with photos, pictures, blogs, and more.

This gallery started as an “explore and demonstrate” site to teach the ways of online photo sharing. The consequences of that use lead to numerous sharing sites and ways to arrange albums and pictures. Since that use continuous you will find many nooks and crannies and will see the same pictures in different places. This is intentional – just enjoy.

Around Atlanta

This “wing” – actually a page on this site – will lead to a various albums with photos from in and around Atlanta. Click the picture to go to the “Around Atlanta” page.

Around Atlanta

Savannah and Coast

Savannah is one of the most photogenic cities in the world – at least in my opinion. Click the picture below to go the the “Savannah and Coast” page.

Savannah and Coast


Photo of Week

For 2012 I attempted to share a photo each week. The collection is in four pages and a combined album that can be accessed by clicking this link: POW-PHOTO.


The “Abstracts” page will lead you to a number of collections of playful art. Click this link: ABSTRACTS

There is more to come! This site is under re-construction. Visit often to see the progress.