Another fish

Another fish is on its way

Royal tern with fish lunch for its chicks



6 thoughts on “Another fish

    • Thank you, Donna! It is friends like you that keep me learning all the time! The “royal tern” is distinguished by a completely orange bill and a crest. The common tern has a dark-tipped bill and no crest. The crest is not visible in flight photos. You can see it very nicely in another post “Royal Tern“. I will also have a post showing a royal tern with a young chick – watch for it.

      • I will. I have the Common Tern on my blog today and was not even sure of it except it is one protected here. Thanks for clarifying.

      • You have some magnificent photography on your blog! Thank you for your comment – I might never have found your site otherwise!

      • I am glad to have found your site. I am learning more and more even though I belong to our Audubon and Ornithological Society. The birders are very helpful as are blogs like yours.

      • Thank you, Donna! I am not an active birder, but always appreciate the dedication and knowledge of the enthusiasts.

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