Savannah – Sights and Scenes

Savannah is a delightful place. Here a few photos to introduce the “Savannah nook” – a gallery page on this site. As is customary here, photos provide links to albums or larger views.


The Telfair Museum of Art – the oldest public art museum in the South.

Savannah is home to SCAD, the Savannah College of Art and Design, and there are numerous museums and galleries to enjoy.


A look into the A.T. Hun Art Gallery located on City Market.

Of course, Savannah has its complement of stores for tourists and some very unique ones at that.



Parker’s Market Urban Gourmet. A gasoline station with gourmet store and restaurant nook. LJK_2336-1600


See more in the “Savannah – Sights and Scenes” album or see the “Savannah” collection. Also visit my gallery at Flickr.


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