Savannah–Bricks and Stones

Savannah is such a wonderful place – historic buildings, a really busy seaport, unusual shops, fun places to eat and drink. LJK_2063-1600The list just goes on and on.

The different “textures” of the city have always been one of my fascinations. I have quite a collection of photos, but selected just a few, from my last visit, for my album “Bricks and Stones”.

Here are three of the images. When you click on each, you will be taken to an online slide show of the photos.

Each photo connects to a different show, but the pictures are the same.

River Street, and the ramps leading to it, is paved with bricks and cobble stones. Many of the stones originated in Europe and came over as ballast on sailing ships. The ballast was unloaded to make the ships ready for cargos of cotton, rice, and the other products of the “colonies”.

Bricks were used for much of the construction of the city as it matured.

LJK_2280-1600Savannah is very conscious of its heritage and preservation is helping maintain this city’s historic charm.


Enjoy my album. As I post this message, there are only ten photos there. I will continue to add to the collection, both new and older views.

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